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Neighbors - A Dark, Romantic Comedy



For these nosey neighbors, the ultimate reality show is just an apartment away!


Rather Dapper Entertainment proudly presents 'Neighbors', an original dark romantic comedy about a married couple who live in an apartment where the walls are paper thin and the rent is dirt cheap! He is a multi millionaire who lives a normal life, shies away from the spotlight and donates all his money to various charities. She is tired of living a normal life and wishes to live a life of luxury. They argue all the time and unbeknownst to them are surrounded by nosey neighbors who enthusiastically listen in on every word!


Written and directed by David Valentin, Vice president of Rather Dapper Entertainment.


Rather Dapper Entertainment is a non profit theater company founded by Ross Gavlin in 2012. Our focus is to create opportunities for college students in Rhode Island to engage in the arts with a main focus on theater.


All profits from this event will be donated to the Feinstein Foundation.


No shows are currently available for this event.

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